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Abstracts submitted for trainees night January 2009

Oral and Poster presentations marked

 Case reports have been excluded from the website in case patient(s) can be identified

O The Mechanisms Of Action Of Progesterone. L Anderson  Best speaker

 O Outpatient Medical TOP In GG&C - Acceptable To Patients But Are Enough Eligible? Cochrane R

 O Cervical Weakness - Obstetric Performance After Cervical Resistance Measurements Claire Banks

 O Accuracy Of Mri Staging In Endometrial Cancer: A 3 Year Longitudinal Study. N. Folwell  

O Maternal obesity and its relationship with human myometrial contractility Claire Higgins 

P Observational Study Laparoscopy Entry Technique- Direct Trocar Method Is It Safe? Dr.A.Pandravada

 P Patient Satisfaction And Clinical Outcomes Following Transobturator Tape For Stress Urinary Incontinence Dr James May   Best poster

 P Audit Of Consent For Emergency Caesarean Delivery Tripathi P

 P Outcome Following Use Of Propess (Dinoprostone 10mg) For Induction Of Labour Dr.Shweta Mittal

P Detection Of Intrauterine Pathology:  A Reappraisal Of Pipelle Biopsy And Transvaginal Ultrasonography  PJ Teoh  

P To Burn Or Not To Burn Dr Thj Mudzamiri  

 Trends In Multiple Pregnancy Rates And Association With Infertility Dr Lucy Michie

 Descriptive Audit Of The Practice Of Auditable Standards Of Monitoring In Low Risk Women During Labour. Sian Harvey

 Obesity In Pregnancy. A Serious Concern Pj Teoh

  How Effective And Safe Is Tvt-O As A Day Procedure In Controlling Stress Incontinence? Mallikarjuna Kirti.B

 Weak N Leak- Tape It! Audit On Trans-Obturator Tape Procedure Dr Darsana Boban

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