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Abstracts submitted for trainees night January 2010

Oral and Poster presentations marked

 Case reports have been excluded from the website in case patient(s) can be identified

O Audit of Ectopic Pregnancies managed by MTX in Lanarkshire  

O Globesity an epidemic of intolerance  

O WLE and VIN: a clinical and surgicopathological review.

O Adverse pregnancy outcomes and CV disease: a pilot study Best presentation

P Thyroid disease in Pregnancy

P Therapeutic Challenges in Management of VIN

P Comparative study of outcome: one and five years following MEA

P Recurrent Miscarriage Service in Scotland

P Study of peri-partum hysterectomy for PPH

P Outcome and prognostic factors for successful IUI  

    Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Pelvic Floor Repair (PFR) with Mesh

    HRT: Is our approach changing?

    Outcome of monochorionic monoamniotic twin pregnancy in the West of Scotland: a case series

    Evidence based medicine: A systematic review

    Factors influencing default rate at a hospital colposcopy clinic  

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