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Abstracts submitted for trainees night January 2015

Oral and poster presentations marked once decided

 Case reports have been excluded from the website to protect patient confidentiality

Bhat PMB adherence to guidelines.doc

Frier PPH Abstract.doc

Best Poster Hutchison A_novel_approach_to_maintaining_pneumoperitoneum_at_laparoscopic_hysterectomy.doc

Morgan Ayrshire VBAC audit.doc

Mufti Customised growth charts RAH.doc

Saad APH and vaginal swab testing.doc

Santangeli Quantification of proteinuria in antenatal women with suspected pre-eclampsia.doc

Silf ABSTRACT Audit of Outpatient Hysteroscopy Service.pdf

 Best presentation Wedisinghe vaginal self sampling.doc

Student essay submissions

Alwis audit oral Fe pregnancy.doc

McNeill STIs under 16 Sandyford.doc

Cochrane Late preterm births SCBU admission.doc

Best student essay Simpson Fetal anaemia parvovirus.doc

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